Daily life

First snow

There are so many great things in life to be happy about. And to be honest, most of them are free and created by mother nature.

Photo taken from tumblr, not made by me.

Personally, I find one of these things to be the snow. For some reason or another, I find it magical and comepletly amazing and I don’t know for sure why. I just feel some kind of love maybe for the purity of the snow and the winter feeling.

This time of the year, just makes me feel so happy and grateful for living in a country where there is winter and snowy days. But to be honest, for me it also represents a good reminder that Christmas is coming soon and so do the other Winter Holidays and all these just make me so excited !


Today, for the first time this year, although it was quite soon, it snowed. But it felt just so right to wake up in the morning, look on the window and watch the snowflakes falling down from the sky. Unfortunately, the snow didn’t resist much, and by noon it was gone. But at that time it made me feel good, happy and content with my life. And I’ve been so since then. 

So, I think that in the end that’s the only thing that matters after all.


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