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Got myself in the Christmas spirit

Hello, my dear readers.

I am back and with a new idea for my blog:



And yeah, I know it’s only November, and we’re not even in the middle of November yet, but the truth is, the Christmas spirit hit me earlier this year. To be honest, it hit me really hard. I don’t complain about it, I just wish Christmas would hurry up, cause I’m dying here.

So, I decided to make a list of things that put me or that can put you in the Christmas spirit. Now, if you love Christmas just as much as I do, keep reading.

Read while listening to this.

  • Buying Christmas sweets. (Now, if you live in a country like mine, you could find Christmas things in every shop once Halloween was over, so christmas sweets are on that list too)
  • Watching Christmas movies! (Since November began, I’ve started watching Christmas movies, online but also on tv)
  • Drinking hot chocolate or coffee while listening to christmas songs can do miracles if you want to get in  the spirit.
  • Starting to decorate your room for Christmas. (You can do this one step at a time, for example, this week start with some candles, then with with the walls, after you could change your bed sheets with some christmasy ones, and if you have a plastic tree you could start decorating it. I,personally like natural trees, so I can’t decorate them until Christmas Eve or so.)
  • You could also start by buying Christmas gifts for your loves ones. (My class and I are doing „Secret Santa” and we’ll be giving gifts to eachother on 6th December, so it’s quite a short time to search for the perfect gift for your classmate.)
  • Singing and listening to Carols. (I’m a Christian person, and the Advent starts on 15th November, but I think I’ve actually been listenting to carols since the end of October.)
  • Reading books about Christmas. (I strongly recommend „Let it snow” by John Green and other 2 good writers. I read it last year, and I am so excited, because it was anounced to appear a movie this year following the book.)
  • Change your phone screen with a Christmas theemed one. (trust me, it heelps.)
  • Do a „Countdownt till Christmas”. (It’s fun and reminds you how little or long you have to wait untill the big Christmas Day)


So, this was my list. Hope you enjoyed it. And I’m looking forward to hearing your opinion about this kind of post.



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