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Sorry seems to be the hardes word

Saying sorry is such a hard thing to do these days. Nobody says it, or if they do, they don’t really mean it.

We live our lives peacefully and in good terms with everyone around us. All this until one day. Until one day when we share an argument with a person close to us. A person that used to always be there for us when we needed, someone that cared for us and our happines. And that day, that argument destroys you. You two fight and decide no to talk to eachother again. And at first you’ll be happy and won’t be botherd by the ideea, you’ll actually be glad that person is not a part of your life anymore.

But then, you wake up and realise how much you miss that person and how much you’d like to talk to them again. But you realise you can’t do that. Truth is you could, but you’re too proud to say that word. You’re too proud to say you’re sorry. And that my friend will ruin you.

Days will go by, even years.. And you’ll never talk to that person again, and so you lose one of the most important person in our life. But you don’t really care, do you? You’re too proud and selfish to admit that you were wrong, that you both were wrong.. 

But stay calm, you’re not the only one, so is the other person and most of the people on this planet..

So yeah, sorry seems to be the hardest word, but yet we use it almost everyday, sadly is that we don’t even mean it. And when we mean it, we choose not to say it.


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